Hello, my name is Harry Karambizi.
I want to save the world.

Web Development

My Journey


Rather than denying problems, focus intentively, intentionally
on what solutions might look or feel likeā€¦
Our mind is meant to generate ideas that help us escape circumstantial traps - if we trust it to do so.

-Marsha Sinetar

My Journey

My Journey
to become a Web Developer has built organically
from my desire to solve problems.

As you may have guessed, I am a Full Stack Web Developer in Atlanta, GA. I believe in progressive, positive change through purposeful business strategy. With a background in marketing, hospitality sales and small business ownership, my passion is to develop software and web apps that can put power and upward mobility in the hands of all who desire it. I am currently for hire seeking a position in which I can get exposure to new projects and learn from a professional team or Senior Developers.

My resume is available for download HERE.

My background in restaurants, hospitality sales, and small business ownership is what brought me to General Assembly. I have always been taught to learn and understand problems in depth in order to then analyze and find efficient solutions that fit a particular operation. After using tools in my profession to accomplish tasks, I desired to learn how to build custom tools that are specific to the task at hand.
I was professionally trained at General Assembly. In my immersive program, I learned Agile programming methodologies and other best practices from experienced modern web developers. I have built solo and group projects using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, and Ruby on Rails.

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Inside every problem lies an opportunity

- Robert Kiyosaki

Check out some of my work live

The following are web projects that I built or contributed to during my 12-week course.
I continuosly work on small personal projects that I post post as well.


Here is what my colleagues have to say:

Really positive attitude and easy to work with. I really appreciated being able to work through complex problems with Harry and be able to work together to talk it out or troubleshoot. He knows his stuff, cares about the quality and success of the project, and was a great team member. He went out of his way to try to complete the image upload feature on his own because he truly wanted to expand his knowledge and contribute a unique and above-and-beyond feature to the project. Also just a fantastic guy all around.

- Erin Martin, Plate Swap Project Team Member

Never Say Never

- Justin Bieber

I Love To Brainstorm!

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